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Women’s Ministry

Maria Martha Verein Ministry

Our group of 7 – 10 ladies (ranging in age from 80-92 years) meet every Tuesday from 9 am – 2 pm in the church basement. During the summer months we meet once a month. Our main objective is to help people in need all over the world. We have a fundraiser once a year and the money mostly goes to M.C.C. (Mennonite Central Committee) who then use it “where most needed”.

Our main activity is to quilt blankets, which then go to M.C.C. in Kitchener who distribute them again, “where most needed”. We make between 90 – 100 blankets per year. During the lunch hour we have devotions with scripture reading, songs and join hands for the Lord’s prayer. We also occasionally read poems discuss any business that may occur. Once a month we celebrate birthdays with a special dessert and birthday song.

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Home Missions Circle

Our ladies group is open to all adult women of the church.  Our meetings are held at 7 pm. on the third Wednesday of the month, September to May.  Meetings have a spiritual, service or social emphasis followed by a business portion. Although we function primarily as a service group, the ladies feel the personal support we are to each other is our best strength.  Within the congregation, we are available for catering funeral meals, conferences and other events. For fundraising, HMC hosts several soup/chili suppers a year where the profits go to world relief, missions or local charities. Additionally, we serve our local senior homes by providing baking for their bazaars and bake sales.  At the beginning of the new year, we quilt/tie blankets for MCC and to assist with local needs. This past year we have also become involved with the local Purse Project and the Centre-4-Women initiative.