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Series Information

Worship: Not Only… A Three-Part Series Based on Acts 2, Beginning January 2020

Our times of worship have looked different this past year, to say the very least. Some of us have been able to gather for in-person services, others continue to participate from home. All of us have missed aspects of our services.

We can acknowledge how truly important those things are, and look forward to the day when we can worship in those ways again, while also taking the opportunity to reflect on the ways in which worship is not only those things.

In this series, we will look at snapshots of the early church that we see in the second chapter of Acts, and explore the ways that worship is not only being in a sanctuary, not only singing, and not only a time on a Sunday.

When God Moved into the Neighborhood – A Sermon Series for Advent & Christmas 2020, based on the first chapter of John’s gospel.

“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” – John 1:14 (As Translated in The Message, by Eugene Peterson)

John’s version of the Advent/Christmas message is different from the other gospels, to say the least. While the Matthew and Luke present narrative accounts of the nativity, John presents it to readers in the language of a philosopher-poet. Over the months of November and December, we’ll be exploring his words about a God who chose to come close, in Jesus.

In this season when we have spent so much of our time alone, apart, and at a distance from one another, we’ll reflect on the mystery and hope of the incarnation – the reality that, through the birth of a child called Jesus, the Divine decided to be near to us, and dwell among us.

The Upside-Down Kingdom – A Sermon Series Beginning in October 2020

“… the kingdom of God points to an inverted, upside-down way of life that challenges the prevailing social order. The way of Jesus certainly countered the cultural patterns in Palestinian society, and it still counters the patterns in our world today.” – Donald Kraybill, The Upside-Down Kingdom

This year has been marked by social upheaval and political transition. In some ways it has felt like other years, and at the same time it has felt like nothing that we have ever experienced before.

What does it look like to live as faithful followers of Jesus in a world like ours – a world of politicians, parties, campaigns and elections? A world of imbalance and inequality, where there are haves and have-nots? Where there are those who are on top and then there is everyone else?

In this series, we will be exploring the idea of the Upside-Down Kingdom. We will be looking at the words and life of Jesus as they appear in Luke’s gospel, and as they point to a different way of thinking and living, in which things are turned on their heads. And we will be drawing inspiration from chapters of the classic book by the same name as we go.