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335 Linwell Road, St. Catharines, Ontario

Series Information

Outdoor Worship Services

Beginning June 20th, we will begin hosting weekly outdoor services. These will take place at 10:00am on the lawn outside of the church building. Upon arrival, you will be greeted, and asked a number of quick screening questions. Seating will be distanced – please be sure to bring a lawn chair and your mask. We encourage you to choose a spot with those who need shade, or are hard of hearing, in mind. We will provide notification in the event that a service needs to be cancelled due to weather. Services will continue to be recorded and made available each week for those who are unable to attend. We look forward to seeing you out!

Good Questions (2.0)

Early last year, we invited you to submit questions about the God, the Bible and the life of faith. Then we spent several weeks in the summer, responding to a number of them in sermon form. This summer, we’ll be briefly revisiting the series, as there were more questions than we could consider at that time.


We spend an increasing amount of our time interacting with others online. Social media offers an important means of connection and communication, but can also be an incredibly complicated thing to navigate. Conflicts, comparison, conspiracies, and cancellations – what does it look like to faithfully engage the world of social media as follower of Jesus? This series will explore that question, through the lens of the beatitudes as Matthew records them in his gospel.

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