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Practicing What We Preach

In this Lenten series, we will explore and experiment with several spiritual practices. Each will be anchored in a biblical text, and come with an invitation to participate.

A Fellowship of Differents

How do you make your favorite salad? Do you drench it with dressing? Or maybe eat each ingredient separate from one another? In the book A Fellowship of Differents, author Scot Mcknight challenges readers to enjoy their salad with different lettuces, a variety of vegetables, fruit and nuts, and topped with divine olive oil – and he thinks our church families should look the same! Using the salad bowl as illustration, he dives into the ways in which us “differents” might sometimes struggle with becoming on body as Christ intended. McKnight identifies that what we learn about the Christian life we learn from our local church. The question is posed, “what is the church supposed to be?” and “if the church is what it should be, what does the Christian life look like?” Throughout this four part sermon series, we will be reflecting on four themes McKnight encourages congregations to focus on when studying whether or not their community is in fact a Fellowship of Differents (and the importance of being a well-made salad).


We spend an increasing amount of our time interacting with others online. Social media offers an important means of connection and communication, but can also be an incredibly complicated thing to navigate. Conflicts, comparison, conspiracies, and cancellations – what does it look like to faithfully engage the world of social media as follower of Jesus? This series will explore that question, through the lens of the beatitudes as Matthew records them in his gospel.

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